кр №1 (2 вариант)

 Вариант 2

Задание 1. Выберите правильную форму

 глагола из двух предложенных.

1. The sausages ... delicious.

    A. are tasting                                   В. taste

2.  He will be angry if you ... home   late.

     A. will  come            B.    come

3.      "How many exams   ?" "I think, five".

      A. does he pass                           B. has he passed

4. When ... to take a course in statistics?

    A. did she choose                          B. has she chosen

5. Bill .... about his answer during the lunch break.

   A. had been thinking                  B. thought

6.We are going to buy a car. By the end of next

   month our family .. . money for it.

A. will save                                              B. will have saved